Inspiring Kitchen and Home Makeovers

If you spend time on Pinterest or Instagram, you know how easy it is to get inspired by the photos from influencers’ homes. Why not make a change of your own? And more importantly, rather than doing what the influencers do, make that change something unique to you.

Here, we’ll put together a few of our favorite home makeover ideas, and we’ll show you how the right pieces can make an impact. Some of these ideas will even make great home decor gifts or kitchen gifts for your friends!

1. Emphasize Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

People are becoming more environmentally friendly, and that means filling their homes with sustainable and reusable products. Looking for home bar accessories to fit that bill? We recommend reusable cocktail napkins. Instead of throwing them away after you’ve enjoyed a round of drinks, wash, reuse, and enjoy their beautiful patterns.

2. Choose Natural Materials

This is another part of the sustainability movement. The idea is to choose natural materials wherever possible. Wood, stone, and natural fibers are all great choices. As an example, your dining table decor might include coasters made with stone, or in the kitchen, you might want wood bowls and cutting boards.

Don’t forget the plethora of modern kitchen ideas made with recycled natural materials. Right now, kitchen countertops featuring crushed marble or quartz are popular not only to bring in that natural element but to make smart use of leftover stone. You can get a similar look and feel with terrazzo items — like this Black and White Terrazzo Napkin Holder.

Here’s something that you’ll see on lots of interior designer pages this year: texture. Whether you’re making over the kitchen, dining room, or elsewhere in the home, influencers and designers alike are doing a lot with textures. This is especially true in minimalist spaces where there aren’t a lot of colors or decor items to work with. People are instead using textures to create interesting visuals.

So how does that translate into modern dining room ideas? It could mean contrasting a roughhewn dining table against sleek curtains or wicker chairs paired with a shining table. Think about things like fibers, fur rugs, glossy vases, and everything in between to get that textural look.

3. Be Bold with Black and Gold!

One of the best makeovers to make right now? Including black and gold colors and patterns within the home. Among modern kitchen ideas, we’re seeing this manifest as an unstoppable color combination in kitchens and other areas of the home.

In dining rooms, it’s all about the dining table decor. For the most part, decor schemes here are minimalist — but they always have a few choice pieces featuring a bold black and gold color or pattern to create a different vibe in your space. Think items like these Gold and Black Appetizer Plates, Brushed Black Stainless Steel Wine Goblets, or Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Wine Goblets.

4. Minimal Clutter, Beautiful Organization

In keeping with the minimalist theme that is so prominent right now, dining room decor features relatively clutter-free looks. Popular dining table centerpieces are smaller collections of larger, eye-catching items, like a couple of unusual candles or a vase rather than big, showy centerpieces made up of multiple pieces.

Part of keeping clutter down means finding beautiful ways to organize. It’s the small touches that count. For example, rather than letting your rice and pasta containers clutter up the counter, invest in more unique items like a wooden canister with a quartz knob to keep you organized or a serving tray or board as both a way to serve food and a decorative element to put on your countertop.

5. Kitschy Kitchens

In the kitchen, there’s a departure from minimalism right now. Among influencers, you’ll see a lot of open shelving as opposed to cabinetry — and that’s because they want to put dishes and pretty pantry items on display. If you want that look, there’s no need to tear out your expensive cabinetry just yet. The open shelving trend may not last long once everyone gets tired of dusting their dishes all the time!

Instead, think about the bits of kitsch you can introduce to create an interesting vibe. Place canisters with noodles, beans, and lentils on the counter or on top of your upper cabinets. Elevate spaces with bouquets of flowers, or decorate with antique tools. If you’re looking for kitchen table ideas, how about unique pottery that will stand out? We recommend this asymmetrical dish, which is super versatile and capable of elevating everything from minimalist to rustic looks. You can also add things like this pom pom trivet, or a napkin and paper towel holder, too.

6. It's Time for a Tabletop Refresh

The details are getting a makeover this year, too. In terms of your kitchen and dining room, that means serveware and flatware. So what are the latest hot trends? There are a couple of prominent concepts for you to play with. One ties into the minimalist style that is so popular right now — but it challenges you to find a new twist on simplicity. In other words, think about items like your flatware and serving utensils. In the past, minimalism would have meant finding silver-toned flatware featuring a smooth, clean design. That smooth, clean design is still highly desirable, but now people are mixing it up with flatware in different colors and finishes. Think gold flatware with a simple design, matte black, or another shade that meshes with both your theme and your color palette.

The other big concept involves elevating your table setting with carefully curated pieces designed to mesh with your own unique theme. For instance, if you're creating a posh look, you'd want to unite that throughout the tabletop using say, gold flatware, a cheese board with matching gold handles, and gold-rimmed wine glasses. Another example would be a curated eclectic look, with each piece of serveware chosen carefully to bring bright colors together with unusual shapes and textures.

Ready to elevate your kitchen and dining room with a couple of great new pieces? Shop Cambridge® for a modern selection of homeware and tabletop accessories that will fit your unique style.

February 01, 2022

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