Five Super Simple Table Setting Ideas: From Flatware to Table Décor

From holidays to dinner parties or even everyday dining, a beautiful table setting makes any meal more inviting. It doesn’t have to be difficult to create a gorgeous look, either. Simple touches like flatware or barware can do a lot to make your table the place that everyone wants to dine. 

If you’re looking for simple table setting ideas, we have five to help you get inspired.

1. Make It Glam with Gold


Shown: ORIGINALITY Champagne Satin 20-Piece Set 

If you prefer a glamorous look, gold tones are a must. Create uncomplicated elegance by pairing gold flatware with your dinnerware. Gloss finishes will stand out, while satin styles offer a simpler, more muted look. For something softer but still luxurious, look for flatware and drinkware in champagne or rose gold finishes. 

2. Stay Classy and Cool with Minimalism

Minimalism is a big trend in home décor right now. So, how do you get the look for your tabletop? Think “simple.” Monochrome pieces are ideal, preferably in neutral colors, though you’re free to mix shades as you see fit. Where flatware is concerned, choose satin finishes or even black flatware for a chic look. Keep centerpieces uncomplicated – a few pillar candles or other easy decorations will work wonders to pull the design together.

3. Accent with Boho Elements

When you think of bohemian style, you might imagine bold patterns and eclectic accessories. However, the boho look can be simplified to add a unique touch to your table – and all it takes is a few small additions to your décor. For example, flatware with artistic designs alongside a monochrome tabletop offers just enough “spice” without overwhelming the eye.

4. Let Your Serveware Stand Out

It’s easy to dismiss serving items as entirely functional – but they’re actually one more element that can add to the look of your table setting. Think about striking finishes, such as white marble or faux concrete, or unique form factors like round slotted spoons or hammered metal. A strategically-placed wood serving bowl can even become a centerpiece in its own right. To keep the look as simple as possible, opt for understated (yet coordinating) flatware that allows your statement pieces to shine.

5. Catch the Eye with Layers

Layering is a simple way to add visual interest to your table, and it’s easy to pull off through tablecloths, napkins and other elements. To get the look, choose a classic pattern like stripes. Then, layer a plain tablecloth in a coordinating color to create dimension. You can even stack your serveware: A marble bowl placed on a wood serving board will elevate your table setting (literally).


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June 14, 2021


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