How to Get The Ultimatum's Silver Stemware!

There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa to binge-watch some juicy reality TV, right? Well – actually, it’s even better when you can get some great style tips from the show!

So what’s been on our watch list lately? We’ve been digging The Ultimatum on Netflix! While we’re mostly there for the drama (will they or won’t they break up?!), we can’t help but notice those gorgeous silver wine glasses they break out whenever they’re having wine. It’s become such an iconic look that you can Google the show’s stemware to find pictures of the cast clutching those awesome wine goblets.

You’re going to want your own silver stemware to sip from the next time you binge this show. We’ve got an answer you’re going to love!

Loving the Look of Brushed Steel?

If you’re a big fan, then you’ve probably scooted close to the screen to identify these glasses so you can find a great dupe for them. Here’s the scoop: Those iconic glasses are made from brushed stainless steel, which gives them that awesome silver-tone look with super-fine horizontal lines (kind of like spun gold – but in silver).

Great – Where Do You Get Them?

You know what to look for – brushed stainless steel wine goblets. Now, where do you get them?

We’ve got them right here at Cambridge®!

For a dead ringer to the glasses in the show, check out the 18 OZ Stainless Steel White Wine Goblet 4-Pack. These are almost identical in shape, size, color, and finish to the ones you’ll see on The Ultimatum. In other words, they’re perfect for an Ultimatum-themed watch party or for kicking back and watching on a cozy Sunday afternoon.

There are some other options to consider, too. For the same finish but a slightly different shape, try the curvy 12 OZ Stainless Steel Red Wine Goblet 4-Pack.

The options don’t stop there, either. If you love the look of steel wine goblets – and you’d like to build on that theme with other types of barware – we offer a broad selection of accessories to match. That includes mugs, tumblers, shakers, and all the rest of the necessities you’d need to create the full at-home bar experience.

There are also different colors to choose from. Prefer the look of copper, gold, or black stainless steel? You’ll find these among our selection as well as different finishes, from the brushed matte look to shining mirror finishes.

They’re shatterproof, they’re stylish – and they’re the perfect way to enjoy a drink while you’re glued to the drama unfolding on The Ultimatum. Trust us when we say that you’ll be thanking yourself because these are durable, beautiful wine glasses that you’ll enjoy for many long years!


May 31, 2022

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