Stylish Spring Table Setting Ideas and Inspirations

Easter and Passover celebrations are right around the corner — and for many, that means hosting your family gatherings. Now that spring is approaching, you may be asking yourself what kind of table settings to create and what colors to use. If you’re unsure where to start, we have great news! We’re introducing the Cambridge® home Spring Edit, a curated collection of beautiful pieces that will be perfect for a variety of spring festivities.

Since we’re working hard to deliver the best in spring ideas, we’ve got some inspiration for you. Let’s get started on some of our favorite ways to create a stylish spring table!

1. How to Layer Your Table

Want to ramp up your table setting skills from basic to trendsetting? Learning to layer your table with the right materials, patterns, and more is key to perfecting your table decor. Think of it kind of like building a home. You need to start with a firm foundation on which you can build the walls, and finally, top it off with a beautiful roof to complete the look.

When you’re creating a table setting, your foundation is your table. The goal of layering is to create interest through textures and depth, so start with a base on which you can build. To start, you can use a table or a tablecloth, and add a runner if you choose. White goes with everything, but if you want to introduce a hint of color, choose cream to match a dining space decorated in warm shades or cool beige to match rooms with cool schemes.

Next, choose placemats or napkins that stand out against the table cloth. Since you’re designing with spring festivities in mind, think pastel shades — sky blue, soft pink, and so on.

Now that you’re ready for your dinnerware, flatware, and more, you can really mix it up with colors and textures. We recommend carefully selected pieces like the Lorenn Champagne Satin 20-Piece Flatware Set, which adds a soft, modern gold to your scheme.

Next, add the “roof.” This includes your centerpiece and any large serving dishes. Introduce flowers, candles, salt and pepper shakers, trivets, or large serving and salad bowls that add texture while keeping your theme together.

2. Using Different Pieces as Focal Points

When you’re putting a table setting together — especially when you’re creating the centerpiece decorations — focal points are what anchors your look. So what’s the best way to make that focal point while following the spring theme? Here are some ideas:

  • Repurpose a cake stand. They can be used for more than cakes! For instance, they can also make an amazing base for candles or an arrangement of spring flowers.
  • Create a serving board centerpiece. If you’re having an Easter brunch, use a serving board or tray for your quiche, ham, homemade cinnamon rolls, or other fun items.
  • Use a bowl centerpiece. In keeping with your spring color scheme, add a pop of bright metallic gold to your table. You can even add colored eggs for an extra fun Easter detail. 

    3. Add a Pop of Pastel

    Easter and Passover traditionally favor pastel shades — and you’re not only limited to pinks and blues. Greens and yellows work beautifully, too. You can even weave these into your table through fun things like flowers, napkins, placemats, and more. The great thing about spring color schemes is that all pastels work wonderfully with gold and champagne metal tones, so have some fun with it!

    4. Make Sure to Add Life to Your Table

    Remember that spring is all about freshness, growth, and new beginnings. Because of that, it’s always a good idea to add something that speaks to life and growth to your table. Introduce flowers, floral patterns, fruits, and even a bit of spring greenery to evoke that fresh feeling we’re all craving when springtime rolls around.

    5. Don’t Forget Your Appetizers and Drinks

    If you are planning to serve appetizers and cocktails before Easter brunch or dinner, consider incorporating pops of gold or champagne in tumblers, wine glasses and ice buckets on coffee and side tables.

    Now that you have some inspiration for your table setting, you’ll need a few carefully selected pieces to put it all together. Be sure to shop the Spring Edit from Cambridge® home to find the perfect new piece for your spring gatherings!

    March 17, 2022

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