Classic Tableware

CLASSIC always remains in style. Trends change but real style endures.

There’s a reason why our favorite things become classics. From music to clothing, some items outlast trends, remaining stylish staples for decades. Our classic tableware collection is no different. With timeless colors, finishes and designs, these pieces are sure to bring style to your home year after year.

Trends are fun to follow, but classic flatware sets ensure your table always looks chic – no matter the season or decade. Choose from glamorous champagne or elegant silver colors in a variety of finishes like satin or mirrored. These tabletop staples will complement any setting you create, whether you’re hosting a cozy holiday dinner or a large housewarming party.

We also have a selection of other kitchenware essentials to match. Classic wood and marble serving trays create the perfect foundation for IG-worthy charcuterie boards. Meanwhile, pitchers, cake stands and barware in stunning neutrals serve as fashionable focal points for your table or kitchen island. The best part? All of the pieces in our classic collection are designed to work well together, no matter how you style them. Keep it simple with a few items in the same shade, or go all-out by mixing and matching finishes and colors. With our classic tableware collection, you can create gorgeous table settings that keep your guests coming back for more. 

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